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The new website is live! I’m super excited to showcase my work, and I can’t wait to launch more projects. But first, here’s a little about me and how I came to be a creative.

Design is in my DNA

Coming from a family of artists, architects and designers, I was bound to tap into my creative intuition. Living in cosmopolitan, post war Beirut for 12 years, moulded me into the creative I am today. With Arabic, European and American influences, and a drive to draw and paint from as young as 3, I had the foundations to define my creative identity. By age 13, I moved back to my place of birth, Sydney, Australia. An Indo-Asian culture shock was the final ingredient to the formula. Being accustomed to humans from across the globe, I inevitably became attuned to universal design.

Nathan Viranian Beirut

A Degree in Design at the Australian Catholic University was the next step to expand my skill set. With classes in web & graphic design, film, illustration, object / 3D design and photography I had a variety of creative outlets to explore. I later took courses in Psychology & UX design to feed my deeper need to understand how humans engage with design, and the importance of balance between aesthetics and function. Craving more, I did an Interiors course and later won the award for first place in my course at the Coco Republic TAFE Design School. Having explored many design avenues has not yet settled my craving to seek more. So this is just the beginning.

Nathan Viranian Designer
Nathan Viranian Illustrator

Nocturnal – Nomadic

After experiencing a life amongst a variety of cultures, travelling felt natural to me. Roaming between changing time-zones, climates, and cities, the only constant was my MacBook. A digital nomad, always seeking inspiration from many parts of the world. The new global culture is constantly evolving, so the pressure is on for all creatives to appropriate and innovate. Travelling and working basically means that I get to have my cake and eat it, and when there’s pleasure in the job, it puts perfection in the work.


Mission possible.

Through life’s chaos, I make things happen. My mission is to move humanity forward, whether it’s through sustainable solutions, accessibility design or simply evoking through art. Creating an experience is what I do best and I aim to share that with the world.

Let’s collaborate.

Let’s brainstorm to create engaging designs with effective results. I offer a range of design services that include:


Logo Design // Brand Identity // Web Design // E-Commerce // Still // Motion // Interiors.

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Nathan Viranian 

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